From Never to Forever by Dagny Doyle

Book #1 in the Sutton Infatuations series

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Marny has just left her emotionally abusive husband and moves into a studio apartment with little more than her pride and a broken heart. The owner of a local bookstore in Sutton, NC, Marny does her best to move on. She’s always been an independent spirit, and she wants nothing more than to live her life in peace.

When her best friend, Amy, asks her to pick up a friend from the airport, Marny has no idea that this friend will change what independence looks like forever. Nolan is handsome, kind, and treats her with respect; traits never found in her ex. But there’s one catch. Nolan has a kid. Marny never wanted kids and still doesn’t. She wants a life of her own, unhindered by the responsibility of a child. But has she already fallen in love with him? Will she make the same mistakes she did with her ex and sacrifice what she wants, all for the sake of love?

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Recent Reviews:

Great read with a glass of wine and a comfy couch! Dagny Doyle’s writing style is a refreshing change from the usual romance styles- her prose and dialogue are superb and her character development is succinct and effortless. The characters are real with real problems but are strong, and empowered. Marney is a character that you cheer on like you would your best friend. Great read! I was entertained from beginning to end! Can’t wait to read more from Dagny Doyle!

– 5/5 from an Amazon Reviewer

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