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The release date of Electricity, the second standalone book in the Sutton Infatuations romance series by Dagny Doyle is coming on August 12! You can win a free copy of the story here:

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About Electricity:


Amy watched her friend Marny go through a divorce and find love again. Despite her joy for Marny, she silently gave thanks for her husband and high school sweetheart, Doug. They’d only been with each other. They were soul mates.

But then, after trying to have a baby for months on end and not succeeding, Doug betrays her by sleeping with another woman. Everything Amy holds dear, suddenly falls apart. But if there’s one thing her mama taught her, it’s that you don’t stay with a man who cheats.

Amy decides that if Doug can be with another woman, she can be with another man. After a few too many drinks, Amy finds herself in an embrace with a man that isn’t her husband. But can she go through with it? Can she betray him? Or will she find that her heart will forever belong to Doug? And if so, how can she possibly forgive?

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